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With 185 years of history, we are happy to present our new brand: Guelph Curling. Guelph Curling is heading into an exciting time of change and renewed energy with the land sale and the potential for renovations to the facility that was built 55 years ago. This new brand is designed to represent that energy and vitality as we celebrate this new chapter.

A few points that we considered in generating this new brand strategy:

BRAND NAME – when offering programs outside of the membership, the word “club” is perceived as exclusive. Many people within the community have expressed that they did not know the facility was available to them for curling, corporate or social events.

BRAND MARK – intentionally bold and utilizes curling references in the design. With the focus being the curling stones and the rings that represent the house, the elements are round and strong. To respect the history of curling in Guelph, the brand mark includes a reference to the established year of 1838.

COLOUR SCHEME – The bold new colours of navy blue, bright green and grey will allow the club to market itself differently and offer merchandise like never before.

GUIDELINES – The old logo had many inconsistent variations in use with very few guidelines around how they were to be used. This email includes a 1-page infographic to explain the general guidelines around the use of this new brand. A more detailed version will be created and shared later with all members. Any use of the brand mark will require written approval from the General Manager.

The legal name of the corporation is still The Guelph Curling Club Ltd, however, the facility and all current and future marketing materials will refer to Guelph Curling. The crowned-stone logo will be archived for legal purposes as well.

Over the next few months, the new branding will be updated on all Guelph Curling platforms including the website and social feeds.

A special thank you goes out to the Brand Committee for their time and input into this project, and to the Board of Directors for their guidance and leadership.

Adam LeBrun
General Manager
Guelph Curling