Evening League Kitchen - Guelph Curling - Established in 1838

The Guelph Curling Club in partnership with the Everton Academy of Culinary Arts will be offering weekly specials for all weekday evening leagues. There will be various options offered throughout the year to keep things fresh and exciting. To help manage this, we have created a new pre-order system, which will allow Chef Dale to know how many meals to expect each night, but also provide those meals in a timely manner.

Please note the following:

  1. The menu is subject to change from week to week, so please keep your order to the current week
  2. Those who play in the early draw will have the option of choosing a meal before or after their game. Those in the late draw will only have the pre-game option.
  3. The cut-off for pre-orders is noon (12:00 pm) the day of your league
  4. If less than 5 orders are received for any given night, the kitchen will not be preparing food. We will do our best to inform all members who have submitted orders for that night 6 hours in advance.
  5. Please continue to pay for your meal at the bar.