IDEA Strategic Plan - 2023-2027 - Guelph Curling - Established in 1838

The IDEA Committee came together for the first time in April 2023 and has been working tirelessly to develop this Strategic Plan to see that Guelph Curling leads our industry and community, ensuring a safe and welcoming space for all. This living document will serve as our promise and commitment to accomplish the outcomes within.

“Guelph Curling is accelerating equity, celebrating diversity, and fostering a culture of inclusion and accessibility.”

As a committee, we collected membership data through a survey, attended conferences, and reached out to external resources to help us develop these materials. This allowed us to identify our needs and then move forward with objectives, initiatives, and planned outcomes. You will find the following highlights within the document:

  • Our acknowledgement, promise and commitment
  • The vision behind the strategy
  • Glossary of terms
  • Strategic objectives
  • Four (4) pillars that include Foundation (Drive the Strategy), Internal (Attract and Retain People), Bridging (Align and Connect), and External Community (Listen to and Serve our Community) are compartmentalized into:
    • Which strategic objectives apply
    • The initiatives that we will take
    • The outcomes that we plan to achieve through those initiatives

The IDEA Committee, led by Director, Gerry Sundwall, also includes Jan Hamilton, Heather Meldrum, Betty Sterritt, Lindsey White, and GM, Adam LeBrun. If you, or someone you know would be interested in contributing to this committee, please contact Adam at

IDEA Strategic Plan – 2023-2027

The Guelph Curling IDEA Committee put a lot of work behind this Strategic Plan and we are happy to share what we learned with other facilities that share in our views that curling facilities can be a community pillar that…